Sore Throat, Kroaking, Beach Day and Staying at Home

Well its been my fourth day to stay at home due to the doctor’s recommendation that I needed voice reset for five days.

English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the T...
English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the Throat article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This started two weeks ago when my throat hurt a tad bit and I decided to ignore it and just gargle hexetidine (Bactidol) and hoped it will go away… So I went to work and felt a bit uneasy about the throat ache for three days. On the third day I couldn’t take it any more so I went to the office clinic and asked the doctor for some meds and his recommendation. He said “You need to go to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor).” So I did. I spent about seven hours going back and fourth to the clinic in the mall and my office just to get my check up done. The first verdict? Acute Laryngitis; meaning voice rest. The doctor told me to have five days but I thought I can get better in about three plus I had my days off from work so it would be ok to go back to work the following week. So three days it is.

The following week I went to the office straight through the week. On the first day. My throat felt a bit dry but did not hurt anymore. However my voice sounded weird. This went on for the next five days and my voice kept getting worse and my throat hurting more (I work in a call center so my voice the the thing I need most to work). Finally Saturday came; the last day of the work week; which also happens to be the day of our team building in the beach. 

I was really excited about the team building. I haven’t gone to the beach for four years! So this was gonna be so much fun. I was tasked to cook the food (no choice on this since my boss knew that I graduated from culinary school). This part was really, really stressful; but they loved my food so it was worth it. We got to the resort really late (about nine o’clock). This was bad ‘coz what can you see in a crowded beach late at night? The other thing was, my boss called them to make a reservation but they said for us to just go there. We ended up getting the WORST spot to sleep in. We got two huts which had a bed exactly fit into the hut (as in the end of the mattress hits the corner of the hut). The bathroom was about 20 feet away. (The other team who went there got a villa with a living and dining room and two bedroom: THE WORKS!). To make matters worse we had to share the hut with another guy who snores like two guys combined. This guy is the guy i really abhor from the office. Good thing I had my husband with me.

I slept at about two o’clock in the morning. However when this ugly, maniac, egoistic snorrer went in to sleep I couldn’t sleep anymore. Woke up at five AM. The upside was one of my close guy friends was already up exploring the shore. So I texted him to go back to the hut and fetch me. We walked down the beach. It was really nice and beautiful. I was feeling giddy because everything looked serene. We walked to the edge of the island. The horizon was cyan and pink all at the same time. It was wonderful. The hard part was I can’t really talk all through this since my voice was really gone. I was more like kroaking than talking.

On our way back to Manila, I asked my boss if I can get a leave of absence since I really need to recuperate my voice. So he told me to get a MedCert and just show up in the office the next day and file a leave. I went to the doctor the following day. The first clinic I went to the ENT was not there. So I was checked by a doctor did not want to help me at all and just told me to find an ENT of go back the next day. So I went to other clinic in the same mall. Good thing that there was an ENT there. She was very cool and told me that all I really need is lots of water and voice rest. She also said I’d be needing steroids for my voice to go back. She gave the MedCert I needed.

So I waited till about 10pm and went up to our office (our office is in the same mall). I gave my boss my doctor’s note saying I needed to chill at home and watch TV, I mean rest my throat for five days. The bad part was I still needed to go back by Saturday since they don’t approve leaves on Saturdays (this was not so cool because Saturday is sandwiched between my Mon-Fri voice rest and my Sunday-Monday rest days). 

Its been four days now of staying at home. I’m kinda liking it. Watching TV/DVDs, cleaning the house (not so much!), cooking, reading, writing, facebooking and just plain chillin. If I only had money I would have gone back to the beach and used my voice rest to dig my toes in the sand. I would have gone to the Rice Terraces or go to Singapore perhaps. But staying at home was fun. It has relaxed me and made me appreciate the simple joys in life. If I could only find a fun writing gig or like a home business I would resign right away. I’m tired of serving other people and trying to please other people.

I need a new life adventure. I need it very soon. My body is giving up already. My throat is telling me “Hey girl, seven years has been long enough!”


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