Why I love Sbarro

Sbarro pizza world map
Sbarro pizza world map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mama Sbarro's
Mama Sbarro’s (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Why I love Sbarro???

The smell of warm ragu and marinara sauce wafting in the pizzeria; the enticing display of different pizzas and pastas; the commis making the pizza and baking them; all these make my mouth water. Sbarro, the pizzeria built by a woman I see on the picture hanging on the wall; Mama Sbarro. Mama Sbarro must have been one of those brave and strong Italian women I always hear of. She did not just cook; she created a restaurant that is as warm and as welcoming as her dining table back in Italy.

Sbarro is one of my top picks if I’d be very hungry and walking in a mall with a sea of restaurants. I can almost feel the Italian breeze when I close my eyes inside this store. The interiors may not be so grand. You may need to wait and line up for sometime for you to get your food. You may even need to “guard your territory” to get a table; but no matter what I’d still go for this resto.

Sbarro’s food is really, really, really good. My best pick is their Angus beef steak pizza topped with their signature ragu sauce with an additional bowl of ragu sauce for extra toppings. It’s warm and savory and meaty all at the same time. It’s very filling. It can feed two normal people or one very hungry monster like me. I also love the Grandma Sbarro’s pizza. It’s made with good pizza dough; topped with lots of mozzarella cheese, ripe sweet tomatoes and basil; baked until it all crisp and yummy. Another one on my favorite’s list is the baked ziti. This delectable treat makes my mouth water just by even looking at it. Its super good with its gooey mozzarella cheese and chiffonade basil all melding the flavors together to create a symphony that my stomach loves. And of course there is always the case of dessert. My top pick would there blueberry cheese cake. It’s smooth and sweet (but not too sweet!). It’s like a slice of heaven on a plate. Sbarro’s food is all truly gastronomically orgasmic.

The best part about Sbarro’s food is not just the taste but also the price. Everything is reasonably priced. You can go there with a date and just have 500php and still be very satisfied after your meal. You can even go solo and just bring about 200php with you. Considering the great food quality and the reasonable price Sbarro is really a must try for every Filipino out there! Bon Appetit!


All this talk about food has made my tummy roar like crazy. I think I need to head out now to the nearest Sbarro and stuff my belly with all the food I just mentioned! I love you Sbarro! My tummy loves you!

Sbarro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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