The Dream Life

The Dream Life…

Walking on a sandy white beach, soaking up the sunshine; now that would be something I’d like to do just about right now. I’d wake up just before the sun rises just to smell the wonderful sea breeze mingled with a tinge of morning dew. Then I’ll make fluffy scrambled eggs with milk in them; then pour hollandaise sauce on them. Yum! I’ll also have a cup of cinnamon tea with milk and honey and devour a fresh batch of waffles. I’ll crisp bacon up in the pan and add them to the batch on my plate not caring about it going to my thighs. Then I’ll walk out to the patio with a thick book in my hand, lounge on one of those foldable beach chairs and read until about noon. I will get lost in my reading with a radio beside me playing chill music and the sounds of the water crashing on the shoreline. I will forget what stress means.

Once the sun hits its noon, I’ll walk back to kitchen. I’ll make yellow rice; mixing turmeric with brown rice and chicken stock. Then I’ll steam broccolis then add a bit of butter on them. The main dish will be garlic-buttered shrimps and medium rare tenderloin steaks with just salt and pepper rubbed on it. I’ll pour red wine in one glass and pineapple-carrot juice in another. While waiting for my rice to cook, I’ll set the table with teal green plates and fresh jasmines in vase. When everything is all cooked I’ll put them on the table and call my husband to eat. He will be very hungry; but he will not forget to kiss me first before he sits down to devour the feast I made. We’ll sit there eating and laughing and enjoying the food. We’ll be so entranced by the conversation we are having that we’ll forget that it’s already four o’clock in the afternoon. He’ll pick up the dishes and offer to wash it for me. I know he hates washing the dishes! But that is how much he loves me.

We’ll walk out in the patio, lying down on a hammock. I will fall asleep with him caressing my hair. Then he’d also fall asleep hugging me. The sea breeze will continuously rock us like babies as we nap. Then by six, as the sun sets in the horizon; we will wake up and then kiss. The house keeper will walk out and call us to eat an early dinner of baked pink salmon with horseradish sauce, grilled peanut butter chicken with satay sauce, Thai salad, herbed red rice and a desert of vanilla ice cream topped with chili-strawberry glaze. We’d be surprised because my family and friends will be at the table too. They’ve brought presents because it’s almost Christmas. Once we’re all full and jolly will go to the beach again. Tables are already set there for us to hang out. We will stay there till it’s about three in the morning. Then we’d all lazily go back to the house to sleep till its noon.

The next day I’d wake up to find out everybody in the kitchen all having fun and making Sunday brunch. The smell of freshly brewed coffee will be wafting in the kitchen. My dad is reading the paper, smiling and quietly ignoring the banter going on around him. My mom will be harassing the maid telling her to keep the house clean. Some of my friends will step outside to have a smoke. By five they’d tell me that they all need to head back to the city because it’s a work day the next day.

As night falls I’d go back to the beach and go back to my book. Yes, it’s getting dark so I switch on my portable book light. I’ll read and read and read forgetting about the time. I’ll fall asleep and then wake up. Wake up back to my office desk. My lunch time power nap is over and I need to take calls again… But that’s ok I only have four hours left on my shift and then I can go back home and continue my dream.


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